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دانلود فیلم آموزشی ساخت فیلم سینمایی - توسط کمپانی KODAK
( بخش ویژه وطن دانلود )
- به صورت کامل در 2 قسمت
Kodak Cinematography Master Class Series Complete TUTORiAL
English | MP4 | 6h 30m | 640x480 | ACC 44100Hz Stereo | 3.34GB

امروز یکی از بهترین آموزش ها برای دوستاران فیلم سازی و هنر جویان  در زمینه فیلم برداری و فیلم سازی را برای دانلود قرار داده ایم .
۹ نفر از بهترین فیلم بردارهای جهان با به اشتراک گذاشتن تجربیان خود این فیلم آموزشی رو تهیه کردند که روش های مختلف برای بهترین نور پردازی در استودیو ها و همینطور لوکیشن های اصلی فیلمبرداری آموزش داده می شود و همچنین در این مجموعه از انیمیشن های سه بعدی کامپیوتری نیز استفاده شده است.

این مجموعه با قیمت 579 دلار در مارکت های خارجی به فروش میرسد . حال شما میتوانید به صورت رایگان این مجموعه را از وطن دانلود دریافت کتید .


Kodak: Lighting Dances With Wolves

Dean Semler (Road Warrior, City Slickers, Dead Calm) demonstrates the
techniques that won him an Academy Award for the cinematography of
"Dances With Wolves." Dean's background in documentary films is a major
influence on his visuals. This workshop recreates the lighting of an
interior fireside scene from "Wolves", using an exact replica of the
teepee set. The workshop footage was shot anamorphical, using a
Panavision camera and a crane.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Dean discusses and demonstrates: wide screen
composition, relationship between lighting design and coverage and the
best use of high speed film stocks in low light situations.

29 min.

Kodak: Lighting Dead Poets Society

John Seale (Rainman, Gorillas in the Mist, Witness) conducts an
intensive and inspirational lighting workshop in the studios of the
Australian Film, Radio and Television School. The dormitory set from
"Dead Poets Society" was painstakingly reconstructed for this workshop.
Even more important than the technical knowledge it contains is the
insight this program gives into Seale's working philosophy.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Seale guides the students and our camera through the
lighting setups he used for summer, for winter, for night and for day.
Tricks and techniques are divulged which he uses to achieve extremely
difficult effects while maximizing the num

28 min.

Kodak: Studio Lighting A Comparative Workshop

Two internationally renowned cinematographers light the same shots from
the same dramatic script in this back-to-back workshop. Don McAlpine (
Patriot Games, Breaker Morant and My Brilliant Career ) and Denis Lenoir
( Monsieur Hire, Clear and Present Danger and Mrs. Doubtfire ) vividly
demonstrate how differences in creative style and approach affect the
impact and tone of the scene. This program is packed with technical
information, demonstrations & insights into the role of the

29 min.

Kodak: Location Lighting with Geoff Burton

Location lighting, utilizing the equipment one truck can carry, is the
most common task a young cinematographer will face. Geoff Burton ( The
Year My Voice Broke, Flirting, Wide Sargasso Sea ) condenses his many
years of location lighting experience in this highly practical and
useful workshop. Geoff's approach emphasizes maximum use of natural
lighting resources ( daylight and practical ) and imitating these
sources with the light he adds. Geoff shows how to work with the
limitations of locations space and design ( in this case three rooms of a
cramped apartment ) rather than against them. He demonstrates how fast
stocks and fast work can be critical to success.

59 min.

Kodak: Shooting For Realism With Allen Daviau & Sacha Vierny

Allan Daviau ( E.T., The Color Purple, Empire Of The Sun ) and Sacha
Vierny ( Hiroshima mon Amour; The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her
Lover, Prospero's Books ) are given the same script and set. Daviau
creates a series of intricate setups, clearly explaining each problem he
encounters and the solutions he finds by using filters, lights and
F-stops changes. Vierny experiments with a simple and elegant camera
move that encompasses much of the action but presents him with a new
challenge: hiding the dolly track. Computer graphics of the lighting
setups as well as side-by-side comparisons of the finished scenes help
you to better understand the techniques and appreciate the results.

55 min.

Kodak: Shooting For Drama With Robby Muller & Peter James

Robby Muller's credits include Repo Man, Paris Texas, To Live and Die in
L.A., Peter James Shot Alive!, Rich in Love and Driving Miss Daisy.
Both were given the same script and set constraints. The beautiful
images they created reflect their different backgrounds and philosophies
on the art the business of filmmaking. Muller creates a moody and
impressionistic feel that is characteristic of his approach. James on
the other hand neatly sidesteps the problems caused by cyc too close to
the set and creates a wider view of the windswept dusty cafe. Both men
prove to be generous teachers, sharing many creative and technical
insights that come from years behind the camera. The video culminates
with a split screen comparisons of each cinematographer's finished

55 min.

Kodak: Shooting For Fantasy With Sacha Vierney & Denis Lenoir

French cinematographer Denis Lenoir ( Monsieur Hire, Paris Awakes,
Shuttlecock Zone ) and Sacha Vierny ( Hiroshima Mon, Amour, Prospero's
Books, Stavisky ) explorethe world of cinematic fantasy and magic.
Vierny generously shares one of his special secrets, shoeing how to
create a magical beam of light without the usual need for a smoked
filled room. The effect is electric. Lenoir takes you through each step
of his lighting design and also gives invaluable information about the
use of fluorescent lights. This program explores the techniques that
make magic on the screen, but more importantly the cinematographer's
creative thought process behind the magic.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Lenoir demonstrates the ability of one special effect
to hide another and how to combine several effects to create magic.

55 min.

Kodak: Shooting For Black & White With Allen Daviau & Denis Lenoir

Allen Daviau ( The Falcon and The Snowman, Avalon, Bugsy, Twilight Zone,
The Color Purple ) takes students back to the golden age of
cinematography - the 1920's. He painstakingly recreates the shooting
style by employing the filtration, vignetting, aspect ratios and shot
coverage of the period. In doing so he evokes the spirit and dynamic of
the B&W silent screen masterpieces. Denis Lenoir ( Monsieur Hire,
Daddy Nostalgie / These Fooling Things, Paris Awakes Shuttlecock )
creates an intriguing comparison to the work of Daviau by using modern
cinematic techniques featuring a moving camera. He shoots with both
color and B&W stock to make the comparison complete.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS As well as being a storehouse of practical
information, this program is an ode to the haunting beauty of black and
white cinematography and a wonderful essay on the changing art of the
cinematographer from the 1920's to the present day.

55 min.


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